YawSTOP Video

Kolberg Caspary Lautom AS is currently working on a product they call YawSTOP. YawSTOP is a product for rotational control of a hanging load around the z-axis. I was contacted by them since they were going to ONS Expo 2018 in Stavanger, Norway. They needed a promotional video to show of YawSTOP and what it could do for businesses. To accomplish this I was sent a SolidWorks (3D modelling program) file of the product. Using SolidWorks I exported a few clips showing off the product. Then, I moved over to After Effects to create a logo intro and a few overlays. Finally, all the elements were edited together using Premiere Pro.

The company was delighted by the result and have told me after the Expo was done that the video helped show off the different element of YawSTOP that customers needed to see to consider buying the product. They have also uploaded the video to their website and can be viewed here: https://www.yawstop.com/why-yawstop/

This is the same company I did my bachelor project for. So, the logo that they still use is the logo that I created when doing the project for them.