Stamdata Redesign

In March of 2019 I was hired by Nordic Trustee. They are the leading provider of trustee and agency services for bonds and direct lending in the Nordic region. They needed some help with the front-end development.

I was originally hired to help create their new application due to my experience in user interfaces. This project was created using the React framework, and the design was based on Material Design. Unfortunately, this project isn’t launched yet and I’ve got and NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), so I won’t be able to show any screenshots from this.

In the process of working on the project, then I was tasked with redesigning Stamdata, which is one of the current applications that Nordic Trustee has. Stamdata delivers reference data for Nordic debt securities, including detailed information on bonds, certificates and structured debt securities. Check out Stamdata here.

Nordic Trustee liked how the project was coming along, and wanted the different applications to use the same design criteria and the same framework. Stamdata is built on ASP.NET, and due to the back-end, as well as wanting to roll out features slowly, then the React framework had to be integrated into ASP.NET.

I worked on this task alongside the original project, and I’m pleased to say that they loved the redesign. The gallery below shows the before (left) and after (right) images of three of the most used pages on Stamdata.

Stamdata Home Comparison

Stamdata Issuer Comparison

Stamdata Issue Comparison