SmartTekEnergi Logo

I was contacted by the Norwegian company SmartTekEnergi. SmartTekEnergi is a young company that started up in the incubator Silicia. SmartTekEnergi develops smart solutions to save energy, control humidity and conserve atmospheric conditions, for instance in greenhouses. The system removes humidity from hot air, so that it can be recirculated with little energy loss.

SmartTekEnergi was looking for someone to help them create a logo for their newly registered company. They had an idea to what they wanted the logo to look like. So, I designed a few different versions of the logo that they had described, as well as adding a few that I thought better represented the company. This was a long process as there was a lot of back and forth, but finally one of the design ideas stood out. SmartTekEnergi pulls the humidity out of hot (used) air, and conserves energy, and the logo portraits that idea.

Since this was an assignment of creating a logo, I decided to use the Illustrator graphic engine. This enabled a vector format logo, and could be used by SmartTekEnergi in scalable solutions from printing business cards, to branding equipment, making posters, etc.