Incendo Invest Website

I was contacted by the Norwegian company Incendo Invest AS. Incendo is an investment company that helps small technology businesses get the funding that they need to get their business off the ground. They requested that I design a website for them. They did not have a preference to the design, so I was free to design what I meant represented the company. So, I created a “mockup” to show of the design idea that I had, and once I got a thumbs up from Incendo, then I started the coding process. The website was coded in HTML. The employees at Incendo had a basic understanding of HTML, which meant that they would be able to edit the information on their new website later on.

As I mentioned, the website was coded in HTML. The design was added through CSS and there were a few elements that had a Javascript to help with the animation. I used Dreamweaver during this assignment, due to that being the program that I like the best for coding. This was one of the first jobs that I did after I started Akusas Design and I had a great time doing it.