Bærøyknausene Website

I was hired to create a website for the summer resident association Bærøyknausene Hyttevelforening. They wanted a website that the board members could use to get information out to the people of the community, and where the members could post their own posts and pictures from the area. I first created a “mockup” to give the board members an idea of what it would look like and they were delighted. Thereafter I started coding the different elements of their website. Once the website was complete, I scheduled a meeting with the board members to give them an introduction in how to use the new website. They were ecstatic and could not believe their eyes. They were not expecting it to be as advanced as it turned out.

The website was designed using WordPress, and Dreamweaver was used as the program of choice to code in. Since the installment of the website, I have been performing some upgrades and adjustments for the website, after requests from the board of Bærøyknausene.