Akusas Studio

Akusas Studio is a WordPress theme designed by Akusas Design. This theme is made for studio businesses. It is built to cover the necessary needs that a studio might have. It was built from the ground up with the main focus being the user. This means that the theme is easily customizable for the user.

Akusas Studio started out as a little project, as I wanted to learn a little more about how to build a WordPress theme. As time went on, I decided that this might be a theme that I one day could release. That day has come, but I have decided to keep it strictly for customers of Akusas Design. I will continually update the theme as the internet standards evolve, and as I learn new tips and tricks.

To build Akusas Studio, I set up a local server on my PC. This made it a lot easier to code the theme and test it at the same time without waiting for an external server to load all the new files. I used Dreamweaver as my coding program of choice, due to that I already have all my preferences set.

Check out a preview of the theme at https://akusasstudio.akusasdesign.com/