7 Steps Into Darkness

I was contacted by the band 7 Steps into Darkness. 7 Steps Into Darkness is a metal band based in T√łnsberg-region consisting of 5 band members. They needed a website that they could use to inform their fans about any upcoming news and such. As I mentioned, 7 Steps Into Darkness is a metal band, so they wanted a darker feel to their website. I create a “mockup” for them to view, which they loved.

The website was design using the Content Management System WordPress. This was so that the bandmembers could post information they meant the fans needed to know. Since the website uses WordPress, then the website consists of a few different elements such as HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript. To code everything I used Dreamweaver as it is the program I like best when coding. Once the website was done, the band felt that what I had done captured the essence of the band.